Window Coverings: Why Automate? By Linda Masarsky, BID

Your home is your sanctuary. Window coverings are the filter by which you control your interaction with the outside environment.

Reasons to automate vary based on individual requirements. When windows are out of reach, either due to height or personal mobility issues, a remote control or smart phone app can easily solve this. Automated window coverings can be programmed to operate at predetermined times, increasing energy efficiency, protecting your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays, as well as making your home look “lived in,” even when you are away.

Automation offers convenience, and the quiet, smooth motion of the electric motors is easier on the shades due to the gentle consistent operating force.

Pricing may be more reasonable than you would anticipate. If required, most blinds have manual and automated lifting options on identical products, so you can choose to automate certain shades in specific areas.

If you are not ready for automation, simple motorization with a remote control is available. Many blinds are available with batteries, so no wiring is required.  A low voltage option can be plugged in or wired if preferred. If you purchase motorized shades, you can automate in the future at a reasonable cost.

Below you will find links to help you with some of the considerations for purchasing window coverings and, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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